Moving into the second half of our season!

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We’ve now completed 3 of our 6 shows for the 2008-2009 season.

Panache has begun rehearsals.

This is an exciting show for us, in a couple of ways: It’s the first time the show has been done professionally in Michigan, and we’re proud to be the ones doing it. It’s also a play with 5 actors we’re thrilled about having on our stage for the first time. And, we’re fans of the script. It’s billed as a “Romantic Comedy” which, in essence, is true. But, it’s a romantic comedy for adults. It’s a love story, sure, but it’s a deeper exploration of a couple of people who are, like many of us, flawed. There are real life things at stake, and real life experiences have shaped these people.

I had a great moment today. Director Suzi Regan and her cast have had their first week of rehearsal, and I breezed through the building this afternoon on my way to another project. I’m always inspired when I catch even a glimpse of people working when it’s people who are good at what they do, and love doing it. You can see it as they work, as they talk to each other. It was a great moment today, because I wasn’t really thinking about Panache, I had my destination in mind, but there was the company rehearsing a moment… and I got caught up for a second in the process, and how great it was: the set is looking wonderful, the director was shouting ideas, the cast bouncing around the couch and staircase while the stage managers kept a watchful eye on the whole affair. I watched this team of people breathe life into this moment and I got lost in it. And I was reminded about how simple our goal is, really, when we make a play – we want people to get lost in it. To lose themselves and then, when it’s over, come back to their own lives with a fresh perspective. We want to tell stories that move people (us included) in all sorts of ways, and we hope that it always leaves us all with some new (or renewed) sightline into our world.

So, Panache. It’s funny, heartbreaking, life-affirming, thoughtful and sweet. Most of all, for me, it’s about the power of second chances, of not giving up, of following one’s heart – and THAT, especially right now, is the kind of theatre I want to see.

Tony Caselli
Artistic Director

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