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Opening Night. By Kevin Young

One of the most amazing things about living in the state of Michigan, for me, hands down, is that an hour/hour and a half drive West or North of the Metro Detroit area plops you down in an entirely different environment completely. One of these magical little spots is the town of Williamston. (That’s right folks, say it with me: William. Ston.) I have to be honest, before the opening of this show I hadn’t explored anything in this town past the steps of the Williamston Theatre (currently running “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged”) So, when I arrived early for Opening Night this past Friday, I decided to do some “discover”-ing on my own.

Uh, did you know they have a Town Hall? Have you heard of this “Hungry Howie”? Dude, a 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of town overlooking the street…$450! (I want a finder’s fee) Take a few more steps…a stream? A waterfall-ish thing? John and Emily, the power couple, lives HERE?! (I want a finder’s fee) And, hold the phone. A guitar store with a Jimmy Page wanna be double-neck Epiphone SG style 12 and 6 string burnt red guitar? Just waiting to be played??

And so I did.

And while doing so, got to know the owner of Six String Place, Don (I want a finder’s fee) and told him about the show I was opening, “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged” (currently running at the Williamston Theatre.) And how I at one point rock the audience with some “Stairway to Heaven”, which Jimmy Page iconically played on the same guitar I was holding! (*only his was a Gibson) Regardless, the owner, Don told me if only he actually owned this particular guitar himself, he would let us borrow it for a night to use in the show!! Uh, what?! Free of charge? You mean while I’m wearing my crushed velvet smoking jacket that would be the same color as the double-neck guitar?! Standing on a balcony?! Rocking out while Aral stabs himself to death like no Juliet you’ll ever BLANKING see!?! Tony! How. Do we make. This happen?? Make it a special performance… a fundraiser opportunity! Try and auction the guitar, maybe? (to me) No, but a guy can dream. And dream big. Because Williamston is magical. And by stepping out to discover it, I almost bought a BLANKING $600 guitar, just to play it onstage in “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged” (currently running at the Williamston Theatre)

Williamston. You’re only 67 miles away from magic!

Kevin Young
“The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare, Abridged”
The Williamston Theatre   

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