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Opening Weekend of Leaving Iowa at Williamston Theatre went quite well!

Interestingly, we wound up having NO reviewers on Opening Night, which is rare. Scheduling conflicts and traffic snafu’s wound up pushing all 3 of the reviewers to Saturday or Sunday of Opening Weekend.

Audiences so far seem to be really enjoying the show, and we’re pleased that both reviews that have come out from this weekend are very good as well.

A couple of quick quotes:

To call this an enjoyable night of theater is an understatement; it is heartfelt, hilarious and inspiring.

Tony Caselli’s direction and the designs by Vincent Mountain (set) and Ted Rhyner (lights) are delightfully simple and theatrical.

This play is so well done, from the insightful and hilarious script, superb and truthful acting and spot-on directing, it deserves more than a good review. A show like this deserves repeated viewings, preferably with the whole family carpooling to the theater in a station wagon.

There’s still one review left to be published; the Lansing State Journal should come out tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are links!
The Encore Michigan Review
The Lansing City Pulse Review

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