HATE MAIL gets another great review!

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Another very positive review, this one from the Lansing City Pulse.

You can check out the whole review here, but some highlights are:

Williamston Theatre continues to take advantage of its intimate space to present another story about the delicate nature of relationships. It’s latest production, “Hate Mail,” is like “You’ve Got Mail” for cynics. More accurately, it is for romantics who hide their idealism behind a brick wall of cynicism.

…a highly entertaining mix of absurdity sprinkled with just enough touching moments to satisfy the uncloseted romantics.

What “Hate Mail” captures most effectively is how people who desperately need each other can alternately help and hurt each other. The play also nails the way cycles of personal fulfillment are rarely aligned between two people.

Audiences are loving it, and it’s nice to see that in this review, again, the actors are praised for their quality work!

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