HATE MAIL closes a success!

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As I announced a while ago, we extended HATE MAIL at Williamston Theatre. It was the first time we’d been able to do that, and as happy as we were about it, it was a little worrisome as well.

Like most of the things we do with our young company, the extension was an experiment…and a risky one. Well, I’m pleased to announce that our experiment was officially a success! We sold more than enough tickets for the extension to pay for itself – in doing so, we added two more weeks of work for a handful of artists, 2 extra weeks of mission-statement-fulfilling performances, and 2 more weeks of folks coming into the building and enjoying being here!

It wasn’t a runaway success, mind you. It took until the Saturday matinee show on the second week of the extension to be able to say that we’d hit our mark. Still, that left us with two performances above and beyond. As much as I want to sell out every seat every night, I’ll take what we got as a nice result for our first time down this particular path!

Tony Caselli
Artistic Director

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