Harriet Oriona

By Annie Martin

Directed, Edited and Sound Designed by Tony Caselli

Featuring Aral Gribble, Sarab Kamoo, John Lepard, Chris Purchis, Emily Sutton-Smith, and Jeanne Hicks-Caselli. 

Harriet Oriona is a professor of Horticulture, a part-time Astronomer, and full time lonely.  Her life needs a change, but she won’t see it, so when the universe intervenes and she makes a discovery that rocks the world, she finds her entire existence turned upside down. Can she weather the cosmic storm that takes the whole town of Williamston by storm?  

This charming piece is the next installment in our Strolling Stories series of audio projects, and it’s the perfect antidote to the cynicism of 2020.  You can listen to it anywhere, of course, but it’s specifically designed to be enjoyed while here in Williamston, Michigan! We recommend putting in your headphones, and listening to the piece while enjoying a walk around our lovely downtown. Start by having a seat on a bench outside City Hall (161 East Grand River). Plug in your headphones, and hit play.  You’ll listen to Act One there, and at intermission you’ll get instructions on how to get to nearby McCormick Park for Act Two!  Check the map below for more details. 

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