GUYS ON ICE rehearsals have begun!

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We’re having a great time putting this piece together!

I’m finding it an exciting challenge to see how theatrical we can get with the piece without making it distracting – “theatrical” in the sense of engaging people’s imaginations, and sense of play.

We’re not, for instance, using real fishing line or holes. We’re intentionally taking some aspects of the fishing and faking them, and I think it’s fun. For me, if we set up the convention right off the bat that we’re pulling away from reality a little bit, it gives us the ability to stretch it as the play goes on – for instance, the confines of the shanty: an ice fishing shanty, like the one in the play, might be about 8 ft by 8 ft. Well, if we tried to do the whole play in that space, it wouldn’t work. So, right at the top of the show, we’ll have a handful of “theatrical” events (props coming from nowhere, or going nowhere, a big showy event being made out of opening the shanty, etc…). By establishing this convention right at the top we give ourselves “permission”, if you will, to break the laws of realism a bit when we need to.

So, we’re having a wonderful time experimenting with those things. Plus, the guys sound great together in the musical numbers, and the Choreographer and Musical Director are doing wonderful work!

Although we’ve only a handful of rehearsals so far, I’m very pleased with the progress we’re making!

More soon –

Tony Caselli
Artistic Director

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