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So, we are into the second week after previews and things are going great! This is John Lepard by the way, not Tony. The audiences have been a huge help in figuring out timing for a bunch of stuff, and we are getting very consistent.

Tobin and Tony have been so great to work with. I have had a hell of a time with this particular role and they have both been very supportive and rock solid.

Tony has given me such clear and specific direction without feeding me line readings or making me feel dumb, and I guess that’s why he’s the best director in the country. And he knows it so it’s OK for me to say that. He really knows how to work with actors, and sees when a beat is not right or needs to change slightly to give a different feel to a specific moment. It’s an amazing talent. He also trusts us to come up with moments and knows which ones to keep and which ones to kill. It’s fun to get on a roll and try something five different ways and tweak until a section feels perfect. Or close.

Tobin just keeps coming up with new stuff that has such subtleties. I love watching him. We have developed quite a relationship on stage, and it really is fun to do this play.

We didn’t have as much time as I am used to to put this one together, but I am so happy with how it has turned out I think maybe we should go with a three week process for every play everywhere! Thanks for checking this blog out, and come see what we’ve done! It’s pretty cool.
John Lepard

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  1. kateherself  October 6, 2006

    Sweet! Wish I could see you guys. I’m sending you good vibes from Tex-ass!

    • admin  November 6, 2006

      Thanks so much for your good wishes! If you’re back in Michigan, stop by!

  2. Anonymous  November 6, 2006

    Rounding Third

    We were at the performance on 11-5-06 in the front row. It was really great. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we were delighted. The review that we saw in the Free Press on October 4th was what caught our eye. My husband is a big baseball fan, and yes, he can tell you about almost every game he played in as a boy. My daughter and son in law and my son were also impressed. The theatre is small but very homey. I was very glad that we have discovered you guys. It’s a long drive for us from Wayne, MI. (about 75 miles) but it was worth it. We will be back again, soon, I hope!!!

    • admin  November 6, 2006

      Re: Rounding Third

      Wow! Thank you very much for coming all the way from Wayne – I’m so glad you and your family liked the show. We’re working hard to build Williamston Theatre into a place people want to come to over and over, and I hope you join us again!

      Thanks again for coming all that way, and for taking the time to log on and send us some feedback – it means a lot to us!

      Tony Caselli

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