FLAP Costumes!

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Our next production, Flap by Annie Martin, is in pre-production right now.

For fun, we thought we’d post a bit about the behind-the-scenes process of this show in a different way, by providing you with a little insight into the costume design, and the thoughts of the designer and director. The link below will take you to the webpage of Melanie Schuessler, our costume designer. There, you’ll see some of the research for the Flap costumes, and since this is the page she made to show our director Lynn Lammers her research and ideas, you’ll see her notes to Lynn on her design choices! (And some sneak preview tidbits of things you’ll see in the show!)

Soon, there will be costume sketches up there, as well. The sketches are the next step in our production meetings: First the research and ideas are presented, then the designer does some sketches for the director to look at and discuss.

So head over to the site and check out some interesting stuff!

Click here for Adventures In Costuming!

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