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Leaving Iowa first preview went well last night. Some moments to work with the cast, a couple with the tech, but that’s what previews are for so I’m happy about that.

Overall, I think the show is very pretty, very funny, and in another week when we hit the official opening it will be in really fine shape.

One of the local reviewers likes to come on First Preview. Although it’s not normally done we don’t complain – he’s a nice guy who also usually writes very favorable reviews, including the “4 out of 4” review posted this morning on the Michigan Entertainment website, which you can see right here! Some nice quotes, including “I will say right up front that you want to get your tickets to this show RIGHT NOW” and “Hop in the car and ride along in that back seat, you will be glad you did.”

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  1. admin  October 8, 2008

    Re: Fantastic play

    Linda –

    So glad you liked the show! We’ve had a great time during previews, getting the chance to polish the show is always fun. Hope you and your family enjoy it when you come back!

    Thanks so much for your support!

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