First Preview of ART!

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First Preview last night went quite well! A lot of laughs, a lot of gasps from the audience, and “awww” at the right times, which was fun!

Talkback went well, we got some very useful feedback which we’ll be incorporating into the rehearsals over the next couple of days.

Some of the comments that made me the most happy were the ones that said, basically, “Thanks for doing this play! It’s smart, but funny.” It’s a play with a lot of dialogue, but we were very happy to have folks tell us that they didn’t drop out of the play at all, that it kept them focussed and wanting to know what was going to happen next. That, to me, says that we’re telling the story well, and that’s the goal – tell a story, keep people engaged.

So, the next few days will be about polishing the show, continuing to fine tune things, and getting more feedback from the preview audiences. This is the time of year when ticket sales are light for everyone, and it was nice to have a lot of folks here last night – we’re hoping that the word of mouth will continue to help build audiences for this short 4 week run!

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