First Preview! – an entry from actor Aral Gribble

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Well, today’s the big day…sorta. It’s the first preview. For those
of you who don’t know, a preview performance is a delightful
opportunity for audiences to see the show (still a work in progress)
at a discounted rate and afterwards attend a voluntary talk-back where
you can tell the actor how bad he was in hopes that your suggestions
will make him better before the show officially opens. I have to
admit I’m nervous. This is the most in-depth role that I’ve ever had
the pleasure of attempting, and up to this point I have not gotten
through the whole show without messing something up…yikes. But the
play is a BLAST, and honestly, I’m DYING for an audience! The hardest
part about rehearsing a comedy is the fact that after a while, all the
jokes become stale. As much as you would love them to, your director
(and various staff members) just can’t honestly laugh at a joke
they’ve seen done twenty times. That’s another big advantage of the
preview; the laughter. Where and when will the audience laugh, and
how does that affect the show? More importantly, WILL they laugh?
Will they even enjoy the show? Tony has led me on a path to creating
37 real, fully developed characters, and I’m hoping that I will have
the focus (and the memory) to really live in the play and keep these
characters alive. I have hit a point in the process of rehearsing
this show where, If I stay focused and alert, and just find a way to
really have fun, then I will stop “playing” the characters and can
actually start to become these characters. Not an easy task when
you’re playing 37 at once, but it’s a total blast, and I wouldn’t give
up this opportunity for anything. So, I’m going to spend some time
looking over some notes and lines and in about four hours…the
curtain goes up!!!

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