First journal entry of the new year!

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I heard a small voice.

I was in my office, at my desk. I heard a small voice gently saying “Hey. Hello?”

I looked around. It seemed to be coming from my filing cabinet. I slowly opened the first drawer: Nothing.

“Second drawer!” said the voice.

I opened the second drawer…and there it was. The Williamston Theatre Rehearsal Blog.

“Hey!”, it said, “Remember me? How were your holidays? Good? The family good? Great. Now, um…back to me…I’ve been, y’know, wondering how things are going lately…”

And so here I am, updating a journal in need of updating. (It’s only been a month, but it’s flown by, and I apologize to the journal for neglecting it for a month. Thank goodness there was a bag of Cheetos in that file cabinet!)

Rehearsals for Art are going wonderfully. I’m just thrilled with the cast, crew and production staff. We’re having a great time with this play.

I think audiences are going to really enjoy it. It’s a departure from our last couple of shows, in that it’s a thoughtful comedy – a little less slapstick than Every Christmas Story…, and a little less singing than Guys on Ice. A challenging play to tackle, there’s a lot of wonderful humor, as well as a wonderful exploration into how friendships can turn on a dime – and what really makes them tick.

So – that’s it for now. The last two shows went wonderfully, the holidays were marvelous, and now it’s back to building another play for our audiences. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out, and hearing what they think of it!

More soon, including some entries from the actors about working on this piece!

Tony Caselli
Artistic Director

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