Final week of our 4th Season!

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We’re entering the final week of our 4th Season here at the Williamston Theatre.

This is sort of amazing to all of us.

You see, in 2005 we all got together and said "Okay, let’s try this, and see if we can make it happen. If we build it, maybe they’ll come!"

In January of 2006, we moved into our home at 122 South Putnam, in downtown Williamston.

Since then, we’ve had 24 productions, sold over 27,000 tickets, gotten some nice recognition and awards, and created over 280 job opportunities in acting, directing, design, stage management, crew, box office and other areas of theatre production.  

So, as we wrap upour 4th season with Five Course Love, and plan our 5th season, we can’t help but reflect on how fortunate we’ve been.  The recent economic troubles have made the last few years very challenging for a lot of people, and we’re all truly grateful that folks have been interested, helpful, supportive, and attending our theatre.  

That support is a constant welcome reminder that what we do holds value for a lot of people.  

For that, we are truly thankful!

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