Every Christmas Story…entry #2

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Well, okay – we’re behind on the journal with this production.

But…it’s for a very good reason: We’ve been busy as heck!

This show has been an absolute blast. As of this writing, we’ve been open for a week or so, and it’s been wonderful. Putting the show together in 2 weeks was…well…crazy! Why? Well, I’m a director who likes to play in rehearsals. I like to let actors experiment, we try new ideas, new pictures, we spend a fair amount of time on each moment. With this play we didn’t get nearly the time we were used to, which made it a wonderful, thrilling challenge to make this production as absolutely fun, funny, theatrical and…did I say “fun?”…as we could. We all got to play a little less, and just jump off the cliff! And I couldn’t have asked for a better group of folks to jump off the cliff with! From cast to designers to crew to staff and volunteers, the commitment and energy and talent has been absolutely inspiring. Everyone knew this would be a fast, furious, busy process, and everyone came to work every day ready to work hard, prepared, and excited for the project. It was a great process to be a part of.

I think we did well. The audiences seem to agree, the two week run here at WT has essentially sold out. The critics have all given thumbs up, which is nice. (A couple of excellent points about the length of Act I, which I agree with, but didn’t have time to fix, were the only negative points in the reviews, I believe.) And all of the reviews gave well-deserved praise to the cast, who are all wonderful in this show!

When we move the show to Meadow Brook, our co-producers, I hope the show continues to do as well. It’ll be a wonderful experience, and experiment, to see how the show plays to a house with about 5 times the capacity of our small space in Williamston! In fact, that’s what the remaining journal entries will be about on this production. See, a week from Monday we open at Meadow Brook. This means that on THIS Monday, we re-stage and re-tech the show for that space.

THEN – in a very funny, fun, lucrative and exciting experiment, the show will also play for a weekend at the Tecumseh Civic Auditorium. That theatre essentially “rented” our production (much like big theatres will bring in bus-and-truck tours of Cats or The Producers, this little theatre is bringing in our little show!) SO – shortly after re-staging and re-teching at Meadow Brook, we get to do it AGAIN!

It’s a unique, exciting project, and so far we’re all having fun. I’m going to get some of the actors and other folks involved to share their views on the project over the next few days, so stay tuned. And feel free to let us know if there are any specific things you’d like to hear about!

More to come!

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