Enjoying this show… but getting ready for the next one!

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We’re having a great time with Leaving Iowa in the building! The cast and crew are great, so we love having them around and working with them. AND the show is getting a ton of wonderful response, from audiences and critics both, so that’s a nice thing.

The other night, we had a gentleman come out of the theatre after the show wanting to buy two season subscriptions. He said “We go to theatre in the area often, but I haven’t seen a show that made me laugh this much, and cry, in a long, long time. We’re coming back.” I was really touched by his honesty and openness, and by his appreciation of the show – it’s one of those that really moves people in all sorts of ways, and I’m really glad folks are enjoying it.

Of course, things never stop in the theatre, and we’re already at work on our next show: Every Christmas Story Ever Told!! (yes, the !! are a part of the title!)

It’ll be the third year (in a row) that we’ll be presenting our Holiday Special, and it’s the last year for a while! We’ve decided that 3 years is enough, and next season we’ll be trying out a whole new Holiday Season production. With that in mind, we’re having a lot of fun putting this show together – I think audiences who are familiar with it will love the changes, and audiences who’ve not seen it will love it just as much – the silly, loving spirit that inhabits this show is a ton of fun!

See you at the theatre!

Tony Caselli
Artistic Director
Williamston Theatre

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