ELEEMOSYNARY earns more wonderful reviews!

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The Rogue Critic and the Lansing State Journal have both posted wonderful reviews for the Williamston Theatre production of ELEEMOSYNARY!  

In all, this production does everything in service of the florid relationships among its bright ensemble: the play shows both the infuriating challenges and the enduring touchstones of maternal bonds, at the exclusion of just about everything else, and its success here is in doing justice to the extreme view.
Read the Rogue Critic Review here!

"Eleemosynary" could be a difficult show to watch, if its cast of three had not made it so compelling. Glander’s Dorothea is by turns delightfully crazy and maddeningly domineering. As her conflicted daughter, Covey seethes with bottled-up tension. And Meredith as Echo conveys the frustrations of a sometimes rejected child.
Read the LSJ Article here!

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