Continued progress with FULLY COMMITTED!

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A great rehearsal today.

Just a quick update. We’re at the point of running the show every day, which is a good spot to be. It lets us do a bunch of scene-work, then run it (it’s only about an 80 minute show), and do notes after and prepare for the next day’s scene work.

Unlike most shows, we’ve really begun the “Tech” process of this production early. By that I mean we’ve added in a lot of the sound for the show already, because so much of the play is based on the ringing of the phones and intercom that it’s been tremendously useful to have those up and running. Erica, our Stage Manager, can get a big jump on the timing of the cues and Aral and I have found it very helpful to have the actual sounds in rehearsal.

Some very nice progress the last couple of days. A number of scenes have gone from “funny filler scene with funny voice” to having some nice gravity underneath the humor. I was asked by an interviewer the other day “Are you still sticking with the theme of comedy, but comedy with heart?“, and my answer was very definitely YES! While this may be one of the “lighter” of our shows this season, there’s still a nice core of honesty and warmth in this play. It’s been fun exploring that, and we’ll continue to do so until we open!

More later!

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