Closing Weekend!

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Leaving Iowa has been a wonderful production to have in the building. We’ll be sad to see it close on Sunday, but we’re also looking forward to the next production with a little bit of glee.

The next show, Every Christmas Story Ever Told!!, is a fun one. It’s a favorite that we’ve done in each of the past two seasons. The cast is made up of wonderful guys who are a blast to have in the building, so we’re looking forward to bringing them back!

And we’re also having fun “tweaking” the show. The set and script will not be exact duplicates of what’s been done before, for a couple of reasons. We didn’t want to just repeat ourselves – that would get a little boring for us AND our audiences. Plus there’s been so much fun stuff going on in the world that’s worth poking fun at… and this show gives us the opportunity to do that in little ways here and there, so we’re having fun working some of that into the script as well! And this is the last time we’ll be doing this production for a few years – we’ll be experimenting with other holiday themed shows in that slot, so we’re hoping to let this one go out with a bang!

So, if you’ve not seen Leaving Iowa yet, come on out! And if you don’t have your tickets yet for Every Christmas Story Ever Told!! give us a call and we’ll reserve them for you! And once you’ve seen them, let us know what you thought!

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