Closing TALLEY’S FOLLY on Sunday!

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So we’ll be closing Talley’s Folly on Sunday, and it’s been a great run. The cast, crew, designers and director all did some wonderful work on this show, and audiences have loved the show.

Now we’re starting work on next season, and right now we’re in pre-production for Leaving Iowa.

The set model of Leaving Iowa, coming soon to Williamston Theatre

Set Design and model by Vince Mountain.
(Click the pic to see it bigger!)

I’m a big fan of this set – a raked stage, that’s a row of wheat along the back wall, and right behind that are 4 “sky” panels. The show moves so many places, including a lot of scenes in a car, that the furniture will consist of 4 small stools that will come and go as needed. (Oh, and one small table!)

I like Vince’s models, he always includes some of the surrounding theatre space and audience members, so you get a nice feel for the perspective and scale of the set and how it will feel once you get the real thing in place.

-Tony Caselli, Artistic Director

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