“boom” rehearsals!

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Our show boom, which starts previews at Williamston Theatre next week, is a ton of fun.  This week we’ve had a blast as we added the tech elements to the show – There’s a saltwater fish tank that just arrived!  Preuss Pets, of Lansing, is donating the use of the tank and fish, and assisting with care and maintenance!

Here’s the crew from Preuss Pets setting up the tank, along with Janine Woods Thoma, the set designer.

Here’s Steve from Preuss Pets, and Aral Gribble, the actor who will do the most with the fish, being VERY excited that the fish have arrived!

And then here’s a shot from a moment of the play, what a mess!  Good thing that tank is sturdy, this place is a mess!  🙂

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