BLUE DOOR Previews are going well!

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The first weekend of previews for BLUE DOOR went quite well – good audience response, smooth technically, and the actors are really settling into a groove. The director and team will keep making little adjustments, tweaks and course-corrections over the next few days to polish the show as we head into our Official Opening on Friday!

Last night some tweaking was done on a few technical elements: the lighting designer raised the level of a few instruments in a couple of cues, the set designer did a few final finishing touches to the paint technique done on the show, and the costume designer is altering one of the 3 hats in the show. (Under the lights, it looks a little too similar to one of the other hats – so, she’s working to separate them from each other a bit more.)

And, of course, the director and actors will work scenes and moments today and tomorrow – the “bits and pieces” part of the rehearsal process, where you take apart a few little bits that don’t feel as smooth as they should, for whatever reason, and see what you can do to clean them up. This is a fun time, as you can feel moments that felt “okay” turn into moments that feel “great!”, and really fine-tune a production!

See you at the theatre!

-Tony Caselli, Artistic Director, The Williamston Theatre

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