BLUE DOOR approaches!

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I got a chance to watch the BLUE DOOR designer run-through yesterday.

This is the point in the process where the designers come in to see a very early, rough stumble-through of the show, so they can get a sense of how the space is being used, get a feel for how the show moves and flows. Armed with that run-through fresh in their mind, they then have a production meeting with the director, stage manager and producer to clarify details on how everyone moves forward with the production.

After seeing the stumble-through, I’m even more excited about this production than I was before! Some great direction, some wonderful performances, and we’re still weeks away from Opening! This is a chance to see two actors just tear up the stage in a pair of powerhouse performances.

I’m hoping we pack the house for this one – it’s a show that I think is going to knock people’s socks right off, and leave them with a LOT to talk about after they leave the theatre!

-Tony, Artistic Director, WT

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