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Well, with the first week of previews out of the way, today we launch into a couple of polishing/re-shaping rehearsals. There are lots of little moments that we’re going to spend time with.

Some of them are full 10 minute scenes that we’re going to explode and try something new with.

Some of them are little 6 second moments that are working, but will work better with a little polishing and tweaking.

These are always fun rehearsals, because you really get to dig in and play with specifics, and after a week of previews we’ve got a good idea of how the audience is responding, so we can respond to that.

Some fun random FYI facts about Rounding Third at Wiliamston Theatre:

There’s a very weird coincidence/connection between this show and our first production, Additional Particulars: Both plays have an offstage, unseen character who’s talked about a bunch named Tony.

A Blackberry phone/pda really holds up to being hit with a Louisville Slugger much better than you would expect it to!

For anyone who saw Additional Particulars, you may remember the ‘heat vent’ in the middle of the floor, that was part of the set for the show. Well, it was not only part of the set, but it was part of the building! That was an air return, an integral part of the air-conditioning in the theatre. Because of time and money considerations, and the fact that it really worked as part of the set for that show, we left it there. Well, for this show it’s now moved. Much rejoicing because, starting with Rounding Third, we no longer have an air vent in the middle of our stage! (Aahhhh…adapting a space. It’s fun!)

During rehearsals we had a great time breaking down exactly what was happening in each baseball moment of the play. My favorite is the moment when Don reminds the unseen Rusty to guard the line at 3rd base, and then that’s exactly where the ball is hit. Rusty makes a great play, throwing the batter out at first. Nice coaching, Don!

Although his mitt is in the equipment bag, we never actually see Don wear it. Michael, however, puts his very brand-spanking-new looking mitt on in Act II.

More later! Now we’re off to polish some scenes!

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