Audiences love FIVE COURSE LOVE!

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We’ve had two previews so far, and both have been wonderful! Full houses are laughing, clapping, and loving these 3 actors and the fabulous pianist!

The director, Tom Woldt, will continue to fine tune the performances as the design team fine tunes their work as well – previews are a fantastic time for polishing every detail until it shines – but if the first two audiences are any evidence, we’re going to have a big toe-tapping, laugh-inducing, crowd-pleasing hit on our hands!

There are still tickets available for tomorrow’s preview matinee, so come out and see the show and participate in the talkkback afterward! Help us make the production as good as it can be by sharing your feedback with us!

Hope to see you soon!

Tony Caselli
Artistic Director
Williamston Theatre

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