ART entry #2, heading into tech week!

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We begin Tech Week for Art today, and it’s going wonderfully.

The actors are doing terrific work, as is the crew and production staff.

It’s a challenge, working on this play. It’s very funny, but it’s also a lot of dialogue. The fun challenge is, of course, working with the actors to discover what their characters are really saying and DOING to each other with all of those words, and then finding fun ways to implement that.

Also, a lot of this play is about a painting – or, more specifically, what that painting represents. A big, 5 foot by 4 foot painting. And Paul Hopper, as Serge, gets to carry it around the stage a lot! Well, our space is small, and it’s a lot of fun dealing with the challenge of running around with a big unwieldy painting and A) not hurting it, B) not hurting the set, C) not hurting any of the actors, and C) acting!! Paul is one of my favorite actors to work with, and is a great sport, and has taken on this challenge with nary a complaint…but every now and then in rehearsal I have to giggle as he and his giant painting get tangled up in a corner! 🙂

That’s it for now – more updates soon!

Tony Caselli
Artistic Director

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