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My name is Kellyn Uhl and I have the pleasure of playing Ruth Hunsdorfer in The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. So far we have had four preview performances and one more to go until our opening this lucky Friday the 13th!

Being a college student who usually rehearses over the period of a month for a total run of six or eight performances …this whole preview thing has been a HUGE treat. After the bows and the removal of red lipstick each night, we meet in the green room with John to receive notes about the show. I cannot tell you how fantastic it is to still be able to rehearse and work…we don’t have to feel like some perfectly polished product, we are a constant work in progress.

Also, the theatre itself has proved to be quite a challenge and a delight for me personally. I have never played in such an intimate space before and even after four previews I am still learning…the audience is so close, but we must always strive to keep it between each other on that stage. And yet we cannot ignore the fact that the audience is always there, breathing with us and laughing with us and sniffling with us. Like today, the audience had an amazing energy- I could feel them right there with us on the edges of their awesome red leather seats, and they filled us up and we told our story.

I LOVE THIS PLAY! I said at the top that Ruth was a pleasure to play, but maybe I should have said guilty pleasure…I really get my kicks playing her! And like Emily said in an earlier entry, she has been able to give Beatrice humanity; I believe and hope that I have found the human that is Ruth…she has a whole lot of trouble trying to find her own little place in the world. And sharing the stage with Emily Sutton-Smith…let’s just say that when she looks you in the eye, I’m pretty sure that she can see down into your knee caps! I love every member of this cast and recommend that everyone come and see this play just to experience the magnificent fruits of their individual labors.

And John Lepard…what a great guy! As Jenn (playing Tillie in the show) might put it, “Don’t you love the twinkling in his eyes when he talks about the play or the characters?” I truly believe that that twinkling is a sincere presence and openness to collaboration. I have learned through his direction the meaning of give-and-take…he encourages us to create and then he gently shapes us, and then he creates and we shape, and so on. Also, Stef and Erin- our stage managers, are absolutely exceptional with the work that they do!

On that note, please come and enjoy The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. This play is our collaborative soul and an awe-inspiring story.

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