Another journal entry from another “Guy On The Ice”!

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Today we bring you thoughts from B.J. Love, the actor who so skillfully portrayed Lloyd in Guys On Ice!

“Guys On Ice” marked a number of firsts for me: my first full production at Williamston Theatre, the first time I’d worked with Tony Caselli and Joey Albright, the first time I’d met Bruce Bennett, the first time I’d played the harmonica, held an ice fishing pole, and “danced” in rubber boots! I told Tony at the closing party that the whole experience had truly been a joy and I meant it. From first read through to final curtain, the production was indeed a joyous one.

There’s a lot of joy written right into the book, lyrics, and music of this play and it was wonderful to work with a group of people absolutely dedicated to bringing every bit of it to the stage. I think we succeeded. The audiences seemed to enjoy experiencing the show almost as much as we did performing it and it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Another thing I told Tony was that I felt that he, John, Chris, and Emily were doing things the right way at the Williamston Theatre. I hope they can continue to do good work here for a very long time. I’m already pestering them about a return engagement.

Oh, and one more first for me – the first time I’ve had a performance cancelled due to tornado damage! That’s one I’d just as soon not repeat…

B. J. Love

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