Another inside take on “Shakespeare, Abridged”!

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Our fabulous Assistant Stage Manager Josh shares his thoughts on our show…

     Wow! So…one week left to go.  Five more shows.  These past few weeks have gone by pretty darn fast.  Hopefully this blog isn’t too late that I can’t entice a few of you to come to the theater and see a very delightfully funny take on the works of William Shakespeare.  Apparently he wrote a couple of plays that people know about.
     I’ve been very fortunate in my experience with this show.  I expected to get pretty overwhelmed with all the handoffs and costumes changes that were going to have to be adjusted for Williamston’s space.  It had been almost a year since I worked on a show so I was worried I would be pretty rusty.  Luckily the actors were very patient and within a short time we were successful in getting a very good system going backstage.  Knock on wood, so far I don’t think we’ve really had any major flubs.  May be a couple a minor slips here and there, but I promise they only happened once!  All and all its been a great experience work in the dark.  I still get a kick out of the fact that my work shoes are actually a pair a beaten up slippers (so no one hears me walking around backstage).
     I was also lucky to get to work on a really good show.  Slapstick comedies tend to get a bad rap within the theater world but I think when it’s done right, it can be incredibly enjoyable to watch.  Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing a really good drama on stage just like any other theater-goer.  “Gamma Rays” was my favorite play at Williamston this season and I don’t think I laughed once.  But when you’re able to see a play, let go, and allow yourself to accept that I’m watching a grown man run around stage in a purple dress and blonde wig or that I’m actually watching Julia Childs teach me how to make a human head pie, it can be pretty darn enjoyable.
     Everyone is going through some tough times right now.  Everyone is worried about the economy, the job market, war, sick family members or friends.  Why not take a night off and enjoy a show.  I promise you will laugh.  And if not laugh, I promise you’ll at least giggle a little bit.  After six weeks and 30 shows there a still parts I sneak a peek at and smile.  Not a bad way to spend a night.

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