Another actor’s perspective on EVERY CHRISTMAS STORY EVER TOLD

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This time up, I’m posting the short, sweet and succinct submission from Aral Gribble. Aral’s a great guy, very funny, and will be in our very next production, Fully Committed! Here’s what he had to say about Every Christmas Story Ever Told:

Well, at this point, Every Christmas Story is but a distant memory, fading as fast as the hang-overs from New Year’s Eve, so a blog at this point seems pretty pointless.  But this is what happens when you ask an actor to write something.  Sure we can recite other people’s words, but don’t ask us to try and write our own.  I can tell you that working on that show was a blast.  And I miss it, not only because that means no more paychecks, but because it means no more silly voices, no more goofy costumes, and no more laughter, at least not Holiday-related laughter.  It was a total whirl-wind experience, from the two days of cramming to memorize lines to the ridiculously fun rehearsals, to the sweat-filled performances in three different cities.  I loved every second of it and I can only pray that I didn’t drive Tony crazy enough to not hire me if we do it again next year.  Who knows?  Maybe we could go to four cities next time around!!!

And there you have another perspective on the process! He’s right, though – it was a very whirlwind type of an experience, but a very fun, very fulfilling one!

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