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Matt Gwynn, who is currently onstage making people laugh and swoon in “Five Course Love”, has given us this fun and tongue-in-cheek insight into the production!

If I had to say what kind of niche or specialty I have in the acting world, I would have to say that it would be acting without pants. In fact, I have appeared on five different stages without the aid of pants. I often wonder whether or not to put that on my resume. I am pleased to say that FIVE COURSE LOVE is no different. 

Acting with no pants requires extraordinary precision. You must not ever call attention to the fact you have no pants on, but also never try to hide. But with the discipline, there is a certain freedom you experience. I imagine it is similar to what Olympic swimmers feel.

While I perform without pants regularly, it has been almost five years since I have done so in a musical. Since the start of rehearsal, I have been reminded of all the challenging parts of doing a show like FIVE COURSE LOVE, like how you can’t just adlib if you forget a line, unless you are really good as making up song lyrics. Also, one’s ability to dance is pushed to it’s brink. Then, on top of all that, you still have the normal show concerns of being clear and eloquent, hitting your marks,  and… you know… “acting.” Luckly, I always have my no-pants training and experience to fall back on.

Now that we’re in production, I am also being reminded of the great parts of doing musicals. Nights when the audience is tapping it’s collective toe right along with you. Nights when you realize you get to talk directly to the people who paid to see you. Not just talk, SING! A good musical, in my mind, is one where it seems perfectly natural that the characters can only express themselves in song. I feel like we have that here and the entire Williamston staff has taken great care in crafting this in a very tangible way. It would be easy to dismiss the characters we bring to life as “over the top” or “cartoony.” But we have been striving to give each crazy character an important element that connects to us all: heart. Heart, for me, is what keeps us connected to the audience. Heart is what helps us to realize that, although we may never actually meet these people in real life, we still recognize their struggle to find true love At the end of the day, all the outrageous characters I play – The hopeless dater, The Mob wannabe, The Greaser, The Bandito, and even the kinky German with no pants – all have to have answer that same, very real question: When will I see love? 

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