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My alarm went off at 8:30 this morning but I was already awake. Sadly, being awake for your alarm doesn’t make it any less jarring. I lie around and hit snooze for the next 25 minutes thinking, “ How long is it actually going to take me to get ready and drive to work?” I have perfected this art. What art you ask? The art of using the least amount of time possible to complete this task and not feel rushed. The answer? 45 minutes. It takes me 15 minutes to shower, get dressed, check my mail, grab food to eat on the road, and walk from my apartment to my truck, 25 minutes to drive to work and 5 minutes to walk from the parking lot to my desk. Now, you may ask yourself “Why all this for just an extra half hour of lying around and not even sleeping?” Well, blog reader, I’ll tell you, but first let me preface by saying that blogging intimidates me. I consider myself a relatively private person and writing my thoughts in an online journal entry for everyone and their mother to read is a little scary. But fears aside, here I go…Hi! My name is Erin and I am a Williamston Theatre Apprentice. The first, in fact, in a long line of (hopefully) distinguished young theatre professionals. I work the shows, in the theatre’s office, random theatre events, pretty much whatever, wherever and whenever I am needed.

A typical day for me is, well, not typical. Today (along with answering the phones by the second ring, solving the various projects handed to me by the staff throughout the day, and selling as many tickets as possible) my goals are to write this blog entry and make a new popcorn string for the This Wonderful Life Christmas tree. Both tasks are proving more difficult than anticipated. The popcorn is more corn than pop and therefore is not stringing well. It also means that vacuuming the floor beneath me has now been added to the list of daily tasks. I have rewritten this blog entry more times than I can count for numerous reasons including excessive length and digression. I have had way more coffee than I should today. The phone has been ringing a lot too. This is good though. I’ll probably have to sweep the stage floor after I put this new string on won’t I? Oh, now there is a script on my desk. I should see what that’s all about. Probably copies or mailing or both perhaps. This coffee is really good. Why is my roommate texting me? I hate this popcorn. What should I make for dinner tonight? Did I eat lunch yet today? A gentleman just walked in. I should see what he wants. WHAT IS WITH THIS POPCORN!?!

About now you are probably asking yourself “Who in their right mind would want to spend the day dealing with, among other things, unruly popcorn?” I’ll tell you who blog reader (and hopefully Williamston Theatre patron): I would. Though, I am no stranger to this seemingly bizarre lifestyle that seems to baffle the non-theatre folk of the world. I have spent a good portion of my life devoting myself to theatre and working the kind of crazy schedule and odd tasks that go along with it. But I am also one of the lucky people who wake up every morning and actually want to go to work. I get to work with people who love and are good at what they do. I get to be a part of the creation of something meaningful. I will admit that sometimes “me time” is a scarce commodity. So I don’t feel bad about taking that extra half hour to stare at the wall in the morning. I am human!

Erin Clossen
Williamston Theatre Apprentice

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