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When we began, I was convinced from the start that this was something special. More than that. This show, I was totally convinced, and still am, was destined to be the greatest thing I’ve ever worked on. The greatest thing anybody has ever done. The cast was right, the production team was right, everything was right. The adaptation was great, the material was handled beautifully and we launched in, under Tony’s careful guidance.

I was struck from the beginning how unique the process was. We were all in a room, creating the show together. We all attended all the rehearsals, worked everything as a family. It has changed the way I look at staging a play. We tried every moment a dozen different ways. A closeness developed among us all, and we went up onstage for the love-fest every time. You have to go up there and fight for what you want. You have to get up there and look one another in the eye. You have to touch, you have to be touched, and you can’t be afraid of anything. This is a horrific story. A guy kills his father and gets it on with his mother and then he claws his eyes out with a brooch. This isn’t normal. This isn’t normal everyday stress. We all whine and moan when we have to dig our car out of a snowbank. Next time, think “At least I’m not Oedipus.”

-Barton Bund
(Barton Bund plays Creon and other roles in our current production of OEDIPUS)

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