All Day Tech went well!

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Well…I say “all day tech”, but we didn’t really have one.

Most of the time, in professional theatre, you have what’s called a “10 out of 12”. This is the tech day, usually shortly before opening (just under a week) where you add in all the things the production staff has been working on: you do the show onstage, with the light cues, the sound cues, scene changes, special effects, etc.. As the name implies, it means you have a 12 hour day, and work 10 of them.

It’s a big process, known as “The Technical Rehearsal”, or “The Tech”. Smaller Professional Theatres are allowed (per the actors’ union) to have ONE of these rehearsals. Larger theatres (meaning: Actors get paid more) are allowed to have two of them, a couple of days apart. Some shows have nice simple Techs, some have Techs that make you want to quit your job and go into another line of work.

Williamston Theatre is officially known by the Actors’ Equity Association as a Small Professional Theatre. Specifically, we’re an SPT-4, which is the contract we operate under. We get one “10 out of 12”, for our Tech Rehearsal.

However, for this show, with one actor onstage the whole time, it seemed a little like torture to put Aral through 10 hours of doing the show over and over. Not that I mind making actors work, but I don’t know that it would’ve been good for the show – after a day like that, how would his voice be?

So, we did our tech in a regular “7 out of 8” rehearsal. And it went great! Because we’d added in many of the phone rings already to the process, adding in the remaining sound cues and the small handful of lighting cues was not a difficult task at all. We were able to tech through the whole show, take a dinner break, and then run the show before our day was done!

Now we polish the play on Tuesday and Wednesday in Final Dress Rehearsals, and begin the preview process on Thursday. Very excited to see how audiences respond to this one-man whirlwind of a play!

More later-

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