There are many things that we as a small, not-for-profit arts organization need. Here are the items at the top of our list right now…

Three storm windows for our upstairs offices, installed
Hammer drill
2 cordless Makita 18 volt screw guns
Curtains or blinds for a 76” x 27” window
Ink Cartridges for an Epson CX7450 Printer/Scanner (all colors)
Copy paper in various colors
Gift cards from Office Max, Home Depot, Target or Meijer
Two mac minis with 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
Four external backup drives
One custom built fire door
Construction work on a small special building project to enhance the usage of the Theatre
Tie Line, #4, Black, 3000 ft. (Available from Production Advantage, Inc.)
A strong working vacuum cleaner
Office supplies (copy paper, paper clips, binder clips, legal pads, staples, rubber bands, mailing envelopes, file folders, etc.)

If you, or someone you know, can help us out with one of these items, please contact Development Director Emily Sutton-Smith at
(517) 655-7469 ext. 25 or via e-mail at emily at