Mission Statement

Williamston Theatre is a professional regional theatre that offers a diverse array of intimate storytelling experiences to entertain, build a sense of belonging, and foster empathy for the human journey.

This mission is guided by four core values:

Excellence – We collaborate to create an atmosphere that empowers artists to do their finest work. Our rigorous standards reflect our commitment to excellence in every area of production. We take pride in our outstanding track record of returning artists and in nurturing an audience that expects to be challenged.

Inclusion – We are committed to an environment that fosters diversity, openness, and integrity. We respect varied backgrounds in work and life experiences.

Creating a sense of place – We believe that we enhance our region by paying creatives and encouraging them to create! We invest locally – in both talent and products. We foster civic dialogue with art at the center and endeavor to be a highly respected artistic home for our region, which encompasses Williamston and the Greater Lansing area.

Sustainability – We use the theatre’s resources mindfully, investing in a vital future for our institution.

This mission statement is supported by the following objectives: to be an integral part of the cultural fabric of Michigan; to pursue innovative collaboration in every aspect of our work; to establish a home for Midwest artists; to engage audiences of diverse ages, cultures and economic backgrounds.

We believe that theatre can enrich our lives and make a positive difference in our community, both culturally and economically. We believe that theatre should be accessible and affordable to everyone, whether they live in a large coastal city or a small Midwestern town. We believe that there are voices in the Midwest worth hearing, and our goal is to create moving, entertaining, professional theatre for, by and about this part of the world.

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