A word from the GREATER TUNA Stage Manager!

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Coming in to the 9th rehearsal of “Greater Tuna”, we’ve already run the show 3 times, had designers watch it twice, have all our props and about 90% of our costumes. I am working with an amazing cast and crew and couldn’t be more impressed with all of them! My actors are true professionals, both of whom I’ve worked with before, which provides nostalgia and camaraderie. My crew is brand new, consisting of the Alex, the Awesome Williamston Theatre Apprentice, and Brandon and Emily; two mega-multi-tasking MSU Grad Student Rock Stars. It’s always interesting to hear about what other things are going on in people’s lives outside of rehearsals. Knowing how busy everyone is, all the other work, chores, errands, personal things that are happening and seeing that fade away as we all come together to make a play. No matter what else is out there, we all share the same goal – to put on an outstanding performance.

As a Stage Manager, it is my job to maintain the show as the director envisioned it. Granted, we are still a few weeks away from Opening, but there is always something new to learn from Tony. One of my favorite parts of the rehearsal process is watching the director give notes. It’s a collaboration, really – new ideas flowing, understanding and sharing.

I love my actors. I love my crew. I love my director. I love my theatre.

Come see “Greater Tuna” and you’ll fall in love with us, too!

Stefanie Din, AEA Stage Manager

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