A word from Stef Din, Stage Manager of THIS WONDERFUL LIFE.

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It’s the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday. Here at Williamston, it is known as day of our First Preview and for this show, it is also known as Opening Night! That’s right folks, we have our First Preview of “This Wonderful Life” starring the one and only John Lepard at 3:00pm. Five hours later, we officially Open the show. Normally there’s a week of Previews with talkbacks which give us time to do a bit more rehearsing and fine tuning. Not so much this time.

Now, from this Stage Manager’s point of view, that’s slightly on the nerve-wracking side. Have I done this show enough to have the cues set in my brain and muscles? Do I know the script well enough to not have to stare at it the whole time? For such a short play, there sure is a lot going on. Here’s hoping I make the director and designers proud!

But aside, from the nerves, there is that unavoidable excitement that comes with opening a new show – especially one that has such an amazing team of people tagged to it. John and Tony are two of my most favorite people to work with in all the land. We also had the benefit of three outstanding designers, Reid, Tessa and Bart, and I had the opportunity to work with two new people – my incredible crew of Erin Clossen (aka Fred), Rock Star Apprentice and Kate Wilson, MSU Stage Manager Extraordinaire.

These people, along with Williamston’s awesome Managing and Development Directors, Chris and Em, make up one of the most amazing theatre families I’ve been blessed to be a part of. It’s always important to let people know you care about them, but that feeling of honesty and good will is heightened at this time of year, even more so by this particular show. It is obvious how much Williamston cares about producing brilliant work for their patrons, so please let them know how much you appreciate their dedication to the arts. Come to “This Wonderful Life” – share this beautiful experience with your friends and family and hopefully about 100 strangers who want to do the same thing.

Happy Holidays!
Stef Din – AEA Stage Manager for “This Wonderful Life”

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