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Our final review, and it’s great!

A quick quote: The Bottom Line: A very gentle, very funny, very silly, very enjoyable evening.
This is the whole review.

And there was even a nice Letter to the Editor of the Lansing State Journal from a couple who saw the show:

If you want to spend an enjoyable evening forgetting about the world’s troubles, catch “Men on Ice” at Williamston Theatre.

Seeing three great actors singing and dancing in snowmobile suits and big rubber boots was hilarious. Thank you,Williamston Theatre, for an entertaining family show.

What a great unexpected bit of praise and publicity! And it’s fun that they called it “Men” on Ice, instead of “Guys” – a LOT of people do that! We’re frequently getting calls for tickets to “Men on Ice” or “The Icemen” or “Guys Out On The Ice”!

This show was a ton of fun to direct, and I’m really glad to see the audiences loving it. It’s nice to see that the fun we had in rehearsals has translated to the performances.

I was here at the theatre for last night’s performance, and we had a good sized house who really got into the show; laughing from moment one, enthusiastic applause for each musical number and even a couple of spontaneous rounds of applause at particular bits in the show ! That pleases me not only as a director, who loves to see people moved by the work, but also as Artistic Director of this company; our goal is to get people to come in, and move them, to create an atmosphere and a story and an experience that they can connect with, and that they enjoy so much that they want to come back. Last night I talked with several people who were here for the first time, and who said that they “Loved it, and will definitely be coming back!”, which just thrilled me more than any critic’s review could ever do. The people we’re here for are coming, and starting to want to come regularly!

We’re still just beginning to build our family, but we ARE building it, and it’s wonderful to be a part of.

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