A Tuna Top-Ten List from one of our crew!

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Brandon Piper is a Graduate Student at Michigan State University, and he’s serving as a Production Assistant to the Stage Manager AND as an Understudy for our production of Greater Tuna, which closes this Sunday.  

Here, Brandon shares some thoughts from the show…

For the past eight months, I have had the pleasure of serving as the Assistant Stage Manager in Williamston’s production of Greater Tuna. As the show reaches the end of its run, I would like to impart a few lessons learned throughout my experience:


10) If you are going to Starbucks, don’t forget to ask your co-workers if they would like something. Especially if they haven’t slept in days. They will be very angry, and may never forgive you.

9) If you are going to Starbucks, don’t forget to get Tony Caselli a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte. It will make him very happy.

8) Never leave your headset on and accidentally bump it. It just blows the heck out of Stef’s ears.

7) If you start to dance to the music while running sound, remove your fingers from the board completely. You may accidentally turn it off.

6) Invisible pets make for great comedy.

5) It’s still up for debate if seat E4 is the best or worst seat in the house. I recommend purchasing a ticket to see if it’s all cracked up to be.

4) IF you work at Williamston, there is a strong possibility that you will leave 5-10 pounds heavier. There is ALWAYS food in the Green Room.

3) If you end up in a ditch on the way home from the theatre, call Stef Din.

2) Tapeball is a dangerous, competitive sport.

#1 Sitting in a dark booth, lit only by a dim blue light, is definitely worth it when you get watch Aral Gribble and Wayne David Parker dress up as sassy ladies, goofy kids, and countless other characters every night. Just don’t get in their way during a quick change, because you will be run over…or hit in the head. Yes, Aral, my head still hurts a little…

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