A thought about being in ART, from John Lepard

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This is John Lepard, Marc in Art. I am amazed at how this particular
show has come together. I usually have some idea of where a character
is heading before launching into rehearsals, but not this time. I
couldn’t stand this guy (Marc), and trying to figure out why he says
what he says, and why he acts like a three year old with the
vocabulary of Ben Stein was beyond me.

One particular day in rehearsal, as is very often the case, it all
came together. Tony (Caselli, director) made us take the script and
just break it down line by line for about 2 hours. “What do you want
here? What does this mean? Why would you say that?!” Simple stuff, but
it helped that the four of us could sort it out, and realize what we
were about. Marc is truly hurt, and scared that he is losing friends
that he had a very hard time coming by. The painting is a
manifestation of Marc’s fear of losing his best friend.

Once that discovery was made, things became much clearer, and the
relationships started really opening up.

Amazing how we think we know what we are doing, but sometimes it takes
going back to INTRO TO ACTING to figure it out. Thankfully, working
with guys like Bruce, Paul and Tony allows me to do just that.

John Lepard

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