A successful run of Leaving Iowa!

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This afternoon we closed Leaving Iowa at Williamston Theatre.

I’m pleased to say that the show not only broke our previous “best selling” Box Office record, it also brought in a ton of first-time patrons to our theatre. Thanks to great reviews and great word of mouth, we’re continuing to build our audience!

It’s an odd thing, closing a show that you really love. You know it’s time to move on, but it’s hard to let it go – the familiar, the comfortable… especially if it’s been well received and the company enjoys doing it as much as the audience enjoys seeing it! When it works, you fall in love with it, with all of it: the people, the routine, the story.

But, the nature of our business is transition. There’s no celluloid, or digital video, to record what we’ve done for all time – it’s here today, and literally gone tomorrow.

For instance… we’ve run this show for 6 weeks. At 4pm today, our theatre was the home of Leaving Iowa, and our workspace looked like this:

At 6:30 today, our theatre was home of the upcoming Every Christmas Story Ever Told!!, and our workspace looked like this:

Always changing, our workspace.

That’s okay, though – because our stories are always changing too!

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