A nice Tuesday at Williamston Theatre!

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So, sitting at work, we just had some great visitors – a group of Elementary School students and their teacher came into the building and very politely introduced themselves – they were visiting all the downtown businesses – and asked if we had time for them to sing some carols for us!

We, of course, said “Heck yes! But instead of doing it up here in the offices, why don’t we go do it in the theatre, and you guys can stand onstage while we sit in the seats?”

Boy, did they love that idea!

So, we got to hear some wonderful carols, including the sweetest, most out-of-sync-with-each-other but most heartfelt version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas ever sung by second graders. Just melted our hearts! AND we had some fruit flavored candy canes to pass out as treats after!

THEN – not 15 minutes later, a SECOND group came in (I think they’d not realized a group had been here), and we got to do it all again! And this time they even personalized a song for us, because the teacher had seen our silly holiday show, so they all sang Gustav The Green-Nosed Reingoat for us, instead of the normal Rudolph lyrics! Awesome!

Watching a bunch of kids having fun, all red-cheeked from the cold, excited and geared up for the holidays, standing proudly and singing their hearts out…that’s a pretty nice way to spend a few minutes on a Tuesday.

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