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Reflections on FLAP…

For me, working with the playwright, Annie Martin, gave depth to the process of making a play. Throughout the weeks of rehearsal, we went through an emotional roller coaster together, trying to figure out what the play should look like, and who these characters were. Some days we were excited, some days frustrated, but we were very much in it together.
As we watched the actors run a scene, Annie would sometimes lean over and whisper a thought in my ear that changed my idea of the scene completely. At times, I would watch her face from across the theatre during a rehearsal, and when I saw her smiling, or on the edge of her seat, I knew we were making things work.
Small re-writes were implemented here and there, and the cast hung on bravely as we re-worked scenes. Repetition was the name of the game in those rehearsals. After you’ve rehearsed something one way for so long, it takes a lot of focus and determination to get into the habit of saying the new lines and executing the new blocking correctly. Kudos to Teri, Dana, Brian, and Jesse, who are the epitome of professionalism! They managed it all without missing a beat!
And a super-kudos to Annie Martin, our beloved playwright.
Enjoy the show!

Lynn Lammers
Director, FLAP
Williamston Theatre

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    You have WHITE CASTLE!?! No fair!
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