A Closing Celebration.

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We closed Talley’s Folly at Williamston Theatre this weekend.

We had a very fine run. This show was a nice piece of work by everyone involved, and I was quite proud to have it on our stage.

It was a bit of a milestone, in a couple of ways – it’s the third-highest attended show we’ve done, out of our 12 productions. Also, it was the final show of our second full season.

There’s something to be said for that, and it was important to acknowledge it, so Jeanne and I hosted a big Season Ending BBQ/Potluck/Bonfire thing at our house on Sunday evening after the closing performance. It was a ton of fun, we invited folks who’d worked with us during the season and had 35 or 40 people show up. Lots of volleyball, bocce ball, food, drink and storytelling!

I had a moment, on Sunday, as I was standing there at the grill.
Here’s the picture: Tongs in one hand, Beer in the other (Magic Hat #9, yum), Chicken wings sizzling on the grill (chipotle/lime bbq sauce, yum), and surrounding me are a bunch of actors, designers, crew, board members, and their kids, their families.

And I realized that we were on our way. I mean, I knew before that we were “on our way” – we’ve had successful shows, etc… But this was different. We’d finished Season Two. And we’d done it with this group of people, this family of folks who had come together in different combinations for six different productions to create a whole, cohesive season of theatre.

It was a good feeling, seeing the veteran professional actors mixing with the veteran non-professionals actors, the board members chatting with the stage managers, and young up-n-coming actors chatting with crew members.

As I was standing there, thinking how far we’d come in a couple of years, and being really, really proud of it… a frisbee hit me in the back of the head.

Yep, a frisbee. Thrown, in fact, by one of my own kids, who will go unnamed (but I’ve decided it’s true, at age 8 boys are more trouble than girls).

I laughed, rubbed my head, and threw the frisbee back… Hard – right at his head. (Okay, I made that last part up. I tossed it back and the kids went back to playing.)

It was a good party. For all sorts of reasons.

Fast forward two days. As I type this, I’m at my desk in my office on Tuesday. It’s been a day of preparing for what comes next. The next few weeks will be that way, and then we launch full steam into our next season. And I realize that the frisbee was perfectly timed…and it was just like coming back to the office this week. Just the snap to attention that I needed. I had my moment, I looked at the past, and I liked it. No time to get lost in it, though.

There’s work to do.

But… as a nice incentive to do the work well… I’ll always have that moment. That moment of standing at the grill, surrounded by the Williamston Theatre family enjoying some well deserved relaxation and knowing that, whatever the future held, we’d made it work for another season. And there’s something to be said for that.

-Tony Caselli, Artistic Director

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