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Terry Carpenter, the wonderful Stage Manager for Every Christmas Story Ever Told!!, has sent in a journal entry about that show. Yay!

So, we’re interrupting the flow of Fully Committed journals to re-visit the world of our Holiday Show! Here’s what Terry had to say, and it’s a great wrap up to that production:

Every Christmas Story Ever Told

Now here’s the final entry from the last of those at all the rehearsals – Terry Carpenter, the stage manager.

One of the many reasons I enjoy being a stage manager is that my job is ever changing. While the basic duties are the same, each show is a new beginning with a different & sometimes new script, director, cast, designers and support staff. But since I have had the most unusual good fortune to be a stage manager almost exclusively at one theatre – Meadow Brook – for 25 years, sometimes I feel I’m losing that “fresh start, anything is possible renewal” as I start working on the next production.

On top of the fact that I wanted to work with this script since finding it & laughing out loud as I read it, I got to interact with a group of people whose work I’d seen but who, for the most part, I had never worked directly with before, and to do so in a new theatre. No theatre space is perfect, and it was novel to discover the original ways Williamston Theatre has found to overcome the challenges here. The unique methods Meadow Brook gets around its limitations which once seemed peculiar had become old hat to me long ago. Then just when rehearsals might have become more routine, we moved into tech and then into performances, and well before they could even possibly have become predictable, we packed up & redid it all for the Meadow Brook stage, finding out more new things about the show & each other. And then we took it to the Tecumseh Civic Auditorium and reworked it in yet another configuration. Then back to Meadow Brook and way too soon to the closing performance. The best part – I never stopped laughing out loud, though I had to do so more quietly when backstage during performances. The only slightly negative factor of this whole co-production was it sometimes seemed as if I was spending more time in my car than at any of theatres!

I hope for those of you who were able to see Every Christmas Story Ever Told and are coming back for future shows at Williamston, or for those coming here for the first time, that as you are in your seat waiting for the show to begin, you also have the “fresh start, anything is possible” feeling.

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