Conversation Sundays

One Sunday of each run, we’ll bring in some fun folks to engage in conversation about our current production. It might be a designer, a playwright , or an expert about one of the subjects in the play. We’ll answer your questions, probably raise some new ones, and have an all-around good chat. These discussions are open to all our patrons, whether they have attended the show that day or not. A schedule of these special afternoons for the upcoming season is below. More information about times and specific guests will be provided throughout the season. Conversations Sundays are free and open to all WT patrons, whether you have attended the matinee that day or not!

The Taming
October 15, 2017 at 3:30 p.m.
A conversation with Director Lynn Lammers and cast members Angela Dawe, Alysia Kolascz, Melissa Mercieca.

Future Conversation Sundays
Beau Jest
: December 17, 2017
Our Lady of Poison
: February 18, 2018
: April 15, 2018
Out of Orbit
: June 10, 2018
: August 12, 2018