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So Art got great reviews, and we’ve got 5 more performances for folks to see. It’s been a great process, and a great run!

Next up is Hate Mail! We just began rehearsals last night, and it’s going to be HILARIOUS! A newcomer to our stage, Hallie Bee Bard, will team up with Aral Gribble (who folks will remember from our productions of Every Christmas Story Ever Told!! and Fully Committed) to perform this incredibly funny two-person “epistolary play”!


Yep – epistolary play!:

From the dictionary:
1) Of or associated with letters or the writing of letters.
2) Being in the form of a letter: epistolary exchanges.
3) Carried on by or composed of letters.

This is a great, fun format for a play – the two characters converse and deal with each other through letters. (And eventually postcards, telegrams, laptop computers and notes on the fridge!!). There are lots of opportunities for exciting staging, as well as doing something a little different and challenging in the playing of a piece like this. Sally Converse-Doucette has given us a really beautiful, fun theatrical set that, frankly, I think is really COOL, and I can’t wait to get it built and start playing on it! 🙂

More updates soon, and hopefully some rehearsal pictures!
-Tony Caselli
Artistic Director

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