Dark Nights in Billtown
A weekend of adventurous exploration

Join us as we open up our space for staged readings of interesting and thought provoking plays. Our stage may be dark, but Theatre continues! Featuring plays from 21st Century African American playwrights.

In Search Of A Love Supreme
By Marsha Estell
Friday, May 5 at 8pm
Ronnie and Oates are two middle-aged jazz geeks searching for love between the riffs, the beats and the sheets. Ronnie is in control of everything except for her health issues. Oates often disappears when she needs him the most. Now their 25-year friendship is on the verge of collapse. Using the backdrop of a live jazz quartet, this funny and bittersweet play explores the power of love through friendship, loss, and forgiveness.

This Bitter Earth
By Harrison David Rivers
Saturday, May 6 at 8pm
A protest brought them together. As his white lover immerses himself in the struggle of the Black Lives Matter movement, Jesse, a black man, must confront his own political apathy or risk his rights and their love. This gripping and intimate new play asks what is the real cost of standing on the sidelines? This Bitter Earth is a work-in-progress, originally commissioned by The New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco, Ed Decker, Artistic Director (World Premiere September 22 – October 22, 2017).

A Month Of Sundays
By Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm
Sunday, May 7 at 2pm
Nickel is plagued by a recurring nightmare.  He seeks out his former lover, Cindy – a “witchy woman” with a flair for interpreting dreams. But in his absence Cindy has found a disturbing way to cope. She’s plagued with a recurring dream of her own, and she intends to keep her secret by any means necessary.

Seating is limited. Suggested donation of $10 at the door.
Call (517) 655-7469 starting April 25. Early reservations recommended.