Dark Nights in Billtown
A weekend of adventurous exploration

November 2016. Featuring three plays chosen by the Kilroys for 2016 to address gender disparity in the theatre industry.

The Kilroys are a gang of playwrights and producers in LA who are done talking about gender parity and are taking action. They mobilize others in the field and leverage their power to support one another. Founded in 2013, The Kilroys are named after the iconic graffiti tag “Kilroy Was Here” that was first left by WWII soldiers in unexpected places, a playfully subversive way of making their presence known.

THE LIST 2016 includes the results of the third annual industry survey of excellent unproduced new plays by female and trans* playwrights. It is a tool for producers committed to ending the systemic underrepresentation of female and trans* playwrights in the American theater.

Out Of Orbit
by Jennifer Maisel
Directed by Frannie Shepherd-Bates
Friday, November 4 at 8pm
The Jet Propulsion Lab Scientist mom and the underachiever teenage daughter: Sara lives on Mars time, spearheading the Mars Rover Expedition, visiting a planet she cannot touch, while her daughter, Lis, on earth time, falls under the spell of the cyber-cypher Edgar2330. Sometimes it takes being worlds apart for an exploring woman and a longing-to-be-explored girl to find each other in our increasingly disconnected universe.

Radio Island
by Liza Birkenmeier
Directed by Paige Conway
Saturday, November 5 at 8pm
Ellen is an ex-military crisis negotiator. When she comes home to care for her injured and isolated mother, she remotely handles a hostage situation overseas. Worlds blur as she attempts to manage menacing threats both near and far; whom is controlling who in this house and on this earth?

Brilliant Works of Art
by Donna Hoke
Directed by Paige Conway
Sunday, November 6 at 7pm
Law student Abby Gates has no qualms about becoming a sugar baby to get her tuition bills paid–until it means keeping a secret from the man she loves, an artist exploring confession and thresholds of shame. When Abby’s two worlds collide, she discovers her sugar daddy has taught her about more than good wine.

To reserve a seat, call starting Tuesday, October 25, 2016.
Seating is limited to 25. Recommend donation of $10 at the door. Early reservations recommended.

Spring 2017

The second weekend of staged readings will happen May 5-7, 2017, as we will feature the works of 21st Century African American playwrights. To reserve a seat, call starting Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

Seating is limited to 25. Recommend donation of $10 at the door. Early reservations recommended.